Modern Lifestyle Ruins Your Posture!

According to the research, most adults spend 10 hours everyday sitting.

If you have 8 hours day desk-job, chances you have the same problem!! Besides unhealthy, this habit makes your posture poor thus your physical appearance is not good as it should be.

The Problem?

Modern day posture is imbalanced into a kyphotic, rounded shouldered mess. If you think this is not a big problem, please change your mind! You look shorter, weaker, unattractive, uncondifent, you name it. 

Imagine how much your life can be improved if you fix this! You could get better job, get more trust and respect. 

Good vs Bad Posture
We can see clearly how much it affects us


What Should We Do?

We are part of this modern lifestyle. We can’t lose our job.

The good news is…

If we are willing to spend some time and effort, we can fix this easily!

How? With exercise.

Not all exercise can do it, it should be the right one.

Working out in the gym is great...
But don't make this mistake !!

Many people put too much effort on wrong exercises. Mostly doing pushing exercises such as push-up, bench press, shoulder press. They are great exercises. But they can exacerbate your poor posture! 

It needs to be put right by an equal and great dose of upper back strengthening, which can we get from pulling exercise.


The best pulling exercise

There are two kinds of pulling exercise : vertical and horizontal.

To get the maximum result, it’s highly recommended to do both of them.

The best exercise of vertical pulling is pull-up and the best of horizontal pulling exercise is row variation.

Doing both of them will give you the body that you desire!

Before you jump and do those exercises, it’s better to understand their drawbacks and how to minimize the risk…

Pull-up Con(s)

Hard for beginner

Although it’s so effective, pull-up it’s not easy. You need good base of strength and balance to engage back, arms, and core muscles to lift your entiry body. Most untrained people simply don’t have enough strength to do it, yet. We need somewhere to start and pull-up probably isn’t a good choice.

Could be risky

It’s not uncommon to find wrist, shoulder, and elbow pain in people who do pull-up frequently. Even the experienced one often fall as victim. Our arms tend to rotate when executing reps, but the fixed bar forbids this and our body takes the price!
Woman at gym with dumbbells

Row Con(s)

Consumes space and budget

While it’s less hard and risky than pull-up, row also has its own weakness. You need weights, barbell or dumbbell preferably. When you just started, you might just need light weight. After a while, you need to buy more weights to progress. It’s not very wiseful choice for people with limited space and budget.

Fortunately, there is one tool that can help you to increase the effectiveness and reduce the risk significantly

Simple but Powerful!

Popularized by gymnast, this tool was invented more than 100 years ago, that’s why it’s most known as gymnastic rings. Even though gymnastic is an elite level exercise, people can use it for simple exercises and still get tremendous benefit from it! (build healthy, strong, and attractive upper body)

That’s why it’s usage has been increasing marvelously since the last few years. CrossFit, Functional Training, Mixed Martial Arts, Wall Climbing are some of sports which also incorporate gymnastic rings exercise to their routine.

Rings are the single greatest tool ever made for developing upper body strength

Christopher Sommer

Some of the Benefits


Adjust your level, progress only when you are ready

Everyone starts from different place. It’s okay to smart small as long as we progress. Using gymnastic rings, you can adjust the level of exercise easily. 



Most Versatile Tool

Pulling exercise is only the tip of the iceberg. With gymnastic rings, we can be sure all of our upper body areas are getting covered.  It’s not rare for gymnasts to have outstanding upper body even better than some bodybuilders.

You can also do pushing exercise, like ring pushups and dips, but with greater core activation. So you will get abs as bonus...

Some of the other exercises you can do with rings

Ring Hold (core, arms)

Leg raise (core)

Ring Dip (chest, shoulder, tricep)


Healthier for your joint

The last thing we want from exercising is getting injured. All the exercises that we do should bring positive impact in our life, not damaging us! Gymnastic rings training provide us safer workout experience, because it gives you natural range of motion and rotation for your wrist and joint.


Provide you new training environment

Having workout doesn’t have to be boring. It means you don’t have to do it on the same place every single time (like gym?). Bring your rings and do your workout in the beach, forest, park. As long you can hang it, like in the bar, tree, etc. You are all set and get productive exercise. Say no more to skipping workout while traveling! 

Gymnastic rings are really easy to set up. It doesn’t take more than 3 minute to be set.

and many more...

Why Choose BodyDel

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1.11″ (International Gymnastics Federation Standard)

Wood Type

Maximum load 
300 kg

Material Type
Straps – Heavy Duty Nylon

Product Weight


Our Guarantee

We believe you will be satisfied with our product. But, if somehow our quality fails to meet your expectation, you can ask your money back within first 14 days after purchasing. 

Quality is our culture. We do high inspection to our product to ensure it meets our standard. If it breaks or damaged and cannot be used anymore. We will change yours with the new one. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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